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Energy strategies and policies in North Africa : Tunisia, The pursuit of energy independence

and // 27 April 2017
Tunisia, an emerging country in North Africa, is historically presenting an energy mix mainly based of gas (part of it is locally produced or imported from Algeria, a cross-border country).The decrease of its domestic fossil energy production and the recent COP 21 commitments have pushed the country to review its energy strategy for the next 20 years. This article starts with making an overview of ...

Battery Storage: The missing link to mainstream, scalable renewable energy?

// 04 April 2017
Article by     Storing energy remains the missing puzzle piece for many renewable energy resources, like solar and wind power.  Without a way to save electricity for later use, when the sun goes down or the wind stops blowing,  intermittent renewable energy will struggle to close price and performance differences with traditional generation sources such as coal and petroleum.   Stored energy ...
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