Utilizing a 4-Step Approach to Developing Your Utilities’ Voice of the Customer Program

// 11 janvier 2017
Article by     In a previous Energy & Utilities newsletter article, we discussed how utilities could utilize Voice of the Customer (VoC) Programs to listen to their customers and take action by altering business decisions based on customer feedback.  Organizations often believe that they have a strong VoC program simply because they collect customer feedback, but they are only scratching ...

3 Ways a Utility Can Build Trust with Millennial Customers

// 22 novembre 2016
Article by       Utilities are starting to have more interactions with Millennials, a segment of the population that has high expectations and a dependency on mobile applications. According to a Pew Research Center article, the percent of young adults living with their parents and families is the highest now since the Great Depression. Along with the trend in delaying marriage until an ...

Managing Your Utility Telecom Network like a Service Provider

// 05 octobre 2016
Article by       With the transition to IP, reduction in carrier options, Smart Grid, and the proliferation of large scale Utility Modernization, all utilities want more data to drive efficiency, reduce workload, streamline, reduce operations and increase safety. If you add on all the requests for connectivity to new applications in the field, how do you manage it? While predecessors in ...

Cyber-attack in Ukraine: a Red Flag for Power Distribution Networks

// 13 septembre 2016
Article by     ‘..the first known power outage caused by hackers and also the most complex cyber-attack on infrastructure to date.’ The Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jan 19, 2016 On December 23, 2015 an outage in Western Ukraine’s Prykarpattya Oblenergo and Kyivoblenergo power distribution networks lost power between three to six hours, affecting between 80,000-700,000 customers. ...
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